Sponsorship Opportunities: Conference and Other Events


The SPR Board of Directors expresses its sincere thanks for the generous support of the Society and the 31st Annual Meeting provided by our members and organizations.

Champion Sponsor –  $25,000+

Early Career, Minority and Undergraduate Travel Support and the Early Career Prevention Scientist Training and Mentoring Program

Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group (CPPRG) whose members are: Karen L. Bierman, PhD, John D. Coie, PhD, Kenneth A. Dodge, PhD, Mark T. Greenberg, PhD, John E. Lochman, PhD, and Robert J. McMahon, PhD. fasttrackproject.org

Partner Sponsor – $5,000

Diversity Network Committee Reception, Sole Sponsor: Wednesday, May 31, 2023, 7:15 pm – 8:30 pm

Supporter Sponsor – $2,500

SPR Sloboda and Bukoski Cup, Co-Sponsors: Thursday, June 1, 2023, 10:15 am – 11:45 am

Sponsorship Opportunities

We welcome sponsorships at all levels, from $100 to $50,000; customized opportunities available.

We welcome “in memoriam” and “tribute” sponsorships.

Sponsorship Level and Amount

  • Hero – $50,000
  • Champion – $25,000 – $49,999
  • Leader – $10,000
  • Partner – $5,000
  • Supporter – $2,500
  • Contributor – $2,000
  • Benefactor – $1,000
  • Friend – $100 – $999

Opportunities for sole sponsor and co-sponsors*

Custom Event/Activity**

Hero – $50,000

  • Three-year series of Annual Special Theme Plenary Sessions
  • Each year, the sponsor selects one of the three Special Theme Plenary sessions identified on the conference website.
  • Multiple opportunities
  • 1 sole sponsor for each three-year series

Champion – $25,000 – $49,999

  • Custom sponsorship**
  • Unlimited opportunities
  • Unlimited sole sponsors and co-sponsors

Annual Special Theme Plenary (see website for list of special theme titles for 2023) 

Leader – $10,000

  • Special theme #1; 1 sole sponsor available
  • Special theme #2; 1 sole sponsor available
  • Special theme #3; 1 sole sponsor available

Annual Early Career Preventionists Network (ECPN) Lunch

  • Partner – $5,000, 1 sole sponsor available
  • Supporter – $2,500, 2 co-sponsors available
  • Benefactor – $1,000, 5 co-sponsors available

Annual Diversity Network Committee (DNC) Reception

  • Partner – $5,000, 1 sole sponsor available
  • Supporter – $2,500, 2 co-sponsors available
  • Benefactor – $1,000, 5 co-sponsors available

Annual SPR Cup

  • Partner – $5,000, 1 sole sponsor available
  • Supporter – $2,500, 2 co-sponsors available
  • Benefactor – $1,000, 5 co-sponsors available

Annual International Networking Forum (INF)

  • Contributor – $2,000, 1 sole sponsor available
  • Benefactor – $1,000, 2 co-sponsors available

Beverage Breaks

  • Contribution – $2,000, 7 available, 1 sole sponsor each

Early Career Preventionists Network (ECPN) and Minority Travel Awards

  • Benefactor – $1,000, unlimited co-sponsors

General Conference Support

  • Friend – $250 – $999, unlimited

Other Event and Program Sponsorship Opportunities (additional events, e.g., training webinars, and levels TBD)

DNC Speaker Series (a minimum of 4 are planned for 2023)

  • Contributor – $2,000One Speaker Series Event, 1 sole sponsor available for each
  • Benefactor – $1,000One Speaker Series Event, 2 co-sponsors available for each

*Sole sponsor or co-sponsors

  • A sole sponsor or a co-sponsor may be one entity, e.g., institution, department, university; PhD prevention science program; an organization, an individual, or a syndicate.
  • Each sponsor or co-sponsor will be acknowledged. If a syndicate, the members of the syndicate will be acknowledged.

**Custom sponsorship event/activity and amount. Please contact Jennifer Lewis to discuss this opportunity.

Sponsorship benefits with each sponsor’s name and/or logo include the following:

  • Acknowledgement on the SPR website
  • Acknowledgment on Conference Mobile APP w/program schedule
  • Signage prominently displayed at the conference in lobby registration area & entrance to event
  • Announcement during the event introductions.

No goods or services are provided.

The Society for Prevention Research, Inc. is an IRS 501(c)3 organization and the Federal Tax ID # is 13-3750819.

The above sponsorship opportunities are valid for the 2022 SPR annual meeting and for other events and programs through December 31, 2022.

*Sponsorship questions, how to customize your sponsorship, and to place your sponsorship order, please contact

Jennifer Lewis

Executive Director

phone: 703-934-4850, 213

email: jenniferlewis@preventionresearch.org


SPR Sponsorship Policies:

All sponsorships are to be approved by the SPR Board of Directors

No goods or services are provided. The Society will acknowledge sponsorship in our annual meeting program app, on signage at the meeting, and on our website.

All sponsorships will be handled separately from programmatic content. Sponsors will have no control over program or sponsorship policies.

The Society does not officially endorse the products and/or services of corporations and other third parties. Therefore, the Society’s name and/or marks cannot be used in association with a sponsor’s product and/or service so as to imply the Society’s endorsement.

The Society will reserve the right to prior review and approval for any sponsor materials, regardless of medium, that incorporate the Society’s name and/or marks. The Society will also retain the right to cancel any sponsorship at any time.