SPR 2017 Fellows & Awards Presentation
Thursday, June 1, 2017
Hyatt Regency Washington
Washington, DC

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SPR 2017 Fellows

This year, we are pleased and proud to present the fifth cohort of SPR Fellows. The SPR Fellowship is an honor that the Society for Prevention Research bestows upon a small and select group of members who have a particularly distinguished record of contributions in the field of prevention research. A distinguished record reflects a substantial body of work that has had a broad and significant impact on prevention science.

Diana Fishbein, PhD (see photo and bio)
Director, Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Center
C. Eugene Bennett Chair in Prevention Research
The Pennsylvania State University

John E. Lochman, PhD (see photo and bio)
Professor and Doddridge Saxon Chair in Clinical Psychology
The University of Alabama

Sharlene Wolchik, PhD (see photo and bio)
Professor, Department of Psychology
Arizona State University


SPR 2017 Awards

Presidential Award
Patricia Chamberlain, PhD (see photo and bio)
Science Director
Oregon Social Learning Center

Prevention Science Award
Mark E. Feinberg, PhD (see photo and bio)
Research Professor of Health and Human Development
College of Health and Human Development
The Pennsylvania State University

Advances in Culture and Diversity in Prevention Science Award
Gene Brody, PhD (see photo and bio)
The Center for Family Research
The University of Georgia

The Center for Family Research at The University of Georgia Research Team
Tracy Anderson, PhD, Assistant Director
Stacey Barnum, MEd, African American Men’s Projector Coordinator
Allen Barton, PhD, Center for Translation and Prevention Science Coordinator
Steve Beach, PhD, Professor and Co-Director
Diane Bowman, Business Manager
Gene Brody, PhD, Center Founder and Director
Anita Brown, PhD, Associate Director
Keeca Brown, MS, Family and Community Health Study Coordinator
Eileen Carlan, MS, Scientific Editor
Olive Conyers, MPA, Recruitment Specialist
Ellen Eidsen, Grants Accountant
Rachael Glisson, MPH, Evaluation Quality Improvement Coordinator, Maternal Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program
Teresa Golub, Accountant

Tracey Hickey, MS, Great Start Georgia Project Assistant
Chris Holmes, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate
Debbie Huth, Grants Specialist
Steven Kogan, PhD, Associate Professor and Investigator
Karlo Lei, PhD, Research Scientist Statistician
Maggie Schmidt, MPH, Center for Translation and Prevention Science Specialist
Megan Sperr, MPA, Intervention Specialist
Ragonda Stallworth, MPA/MBA, Strong African American Families Health Project Coordinator
Cory Taylor, Information Technology Specialist
Jina Tollett, MEd, Information Director
Tanisha Washington, Administrative Associate
Ashley Wells, MPH, Program for Strong African American Families Project Coordinator
Vera Williams, MEd, SAAF-Steps Project Coordinator
Tianyi Yu, PhD, Research Scientist Statistician

Public Service Award
The Honorable John W. Hickenlooper, Jr. (see photo and bio)
Governor of Colorado

Translation Science Award
Richard Spoth, PhD (see photo and bio)
F. Wendell Miller Senior Prevention Scientist
Director, Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute
Iowa State University

International Collaborative Prevention Research Award
Moshe Israelashvili, PhD (see photo and bio)
Associate Professor
School of Education
Department of Human Development and Education
Tel Aviv University

Service to SPR Award (see photos and bios)
Karen Bierman, PhD
Evan Pugh Professor
Professor of Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies
Director of the Child Study Center
The Pennsylvania State University

John D. Coie, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Psychology
Duke University

Kenneth A. Dodge, PhD
William McDougall Professor of Public Policy Studies
Sanford School of Public Policy
Director, Duke Center for Child and Family Policy
Duke University

Mark T. Greenberg, PhD
Bennett Chair of Prevention Research
Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center
The Pennsylvania State University

John E. Lochman, PhD
Professor and Doddridge Saxon Chair in Clinical Psychology
The University of Alabama

Robert J. McMahon, PhD
Director, Institute for the Reduction of Youth Violence
Professor, Department of Psychology
Simon Fraser University

Friend of ECPN Award
Guillermo “Willy” Prado, PhD (see photo and bio)
Dean, Graduate School
Miller Professor of Public Health Sciences
Director, Division of Prevention Science and Community Health
University of Miami

ECPN John B. Reid Early Career Award
Daniel Max Crowley, PhD (see photo and bio)
Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies
College of Health and Human Development
The Pennsylvania State University

The Society for Prevention Research expresses special thanks to the top manuscript reviewers for Prevention Science.
Mike Allen, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Nicholas Ialongo, PhD,
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Jon Patrick Allem, PhD, University of Southern California
Katharine Briar-Lawson, PhD, University of Albany, SUNY
William Bukoski, PhD, National Institutes of Health, Retired
Justin Smith, PhD, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Matthew Fritz, PhD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The Society for Prevention Research wishes to congratulate the Early-Career Mentored Editorial Board Members. The following individuals have completed their terms:
Alison Kramer-Kuhn, PhD, Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters
Patty Leijten, PhD, University of Amsterdam
Lauren Menger, PhD, Colorado State University, Fort Collins
Sara St. George, PhD, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Yao Zheng, PhD, Simon Fraser University

The following individuals are current Early-Career Mentored Editorial Board Members:
Jon-Patrick Allem, PhD, University of Southern California
Erin Ayala, PhD, University of Minnesota Duluth
Jessika Bottiani, PhD, University of Virginia
Katrina Champion, PhD, University of New South Wales
Amanda Gilman, PhD, Institute for Intergovernmental Research
Stacy R. Johnson, PhD, Johns Hopkins University
B. K. Elizabeth Kim, PhD, University of California, Berkeley
Cara Rice, PhD, Pennsylvania State University
Tasia Smith, PhD, University of Oregon
Alana Vivolo-Kantor, PhD, Georgia State University

The Society for Prevention Research wishes to acknowledge members who have recently deceased.

Gerald “Jerry” Roy Patterson, PhD, Oregon Social Learning
Center founder and Senior Scientist Emeritus
(July 24, 1926-August 22, 2016)

Clyde Pentz, PhD, Professor, California State University,
Long Beach, Department of Human Development
(March 28, 2016)

James J. Snyder, PhD, Wichita State University
Distinguished Professor of Clinical Psychology Emeritus
(July 16 1946 – September 11, 2016)


SPR 2017 Recognition & Honors Committee

SPR Fellows
Mildred M. Maldonado-Molina, PhD, Chair
Felipe Gonzalez Castro, PhD
Douglas Coatsworth, PhD
George Howe, PhD
Greta Massetti, PhD

SPR Awards
Mildred M. Maldonado-Molina, PhD, Chair
Stephanie Lanza, PhD
Velma McBride Murry, PhD
Elizabeth Robertson, PhD
Jeff Temple, Phd

ECPN 2017 Awards Committee
Nancy Travino, PhD, Chair
ECPN Steering Committee