ECPN stands for Early Career Preventionist Network.

 Who qualifies as an “ECPN member”?

  • Individuals interested in prevention research
  • Early career individuals, within 10 years of graduation from final degree

For example:

    • Students (undergrad or graduate)
    • Postdoctoral researcher or fellow
    • Newly hired faculty members, practitioners or professionals
  • Membership to SPR is NOT necessary to be an ECPN member
  • However, ECPN members who are members of SPR have access to cool perks and benefits!
    • Visit SPR Membership for more information on being a member of SPR and the benefits, such as travel awards, and the discounted rates offered!

What does ECPN do at the SPR meeting?

  • Lead sessions and activities at SPR’s annual meeting organized by ECPN (open to all)
    • *A luncheon (usually on Thursday at 11:45 AM)
    • *Two roundtable/discussion sessions (Time slots TBA)
    • Fun Walk/Run- open to all SPR attendees! (usually on Thursday morning)
  • Organize SPR activities specifically for ECPN members
    • Student Poster Contest
    • SPR Cup Competition (co-sponsored by ECPN)
    • *Social Hour at SPR’s annual meeting (usually on Thursday evening)

*See the annual meeting program to see this year’s topics and schedules

What can I get out of ECPN?

  • Networking and professional development
    • Connect with early-career individuals from various disciplines who share similar interests
    • Learn about other research projects in prevention
    • Exchange research ideas
    • Meet potential collaborators
    • Make your first steps in professional service activities… and improve your CV!
  • Involvement in ECPN creates opportunities for broader SPR networking
    • Participate in other SPR committees or task forces
    • Be an abstract reviewer for the annual meeting
    • Act as an ECPN liaison to other SPR bodies
    • …and more!
  • Listserv for year round communication
  • See testimonials from current and former ECPN members: #WhySPR

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved in ECPN…

  • At the SPR annual meeting, say hello!
    • Find us at the ECPN table near the conference registration desk
    • Talk to an ECPN steering committee member at SPR if you see us around
  • ECPN social hour (check this year’s program to get the details!)
  • Join one of the many ECPN Committees, such as:
    • Steering Committee, Poster contest, Awards, Webpage, Scavenger hunt, Evaluation, Annual meeting program
    • The chair of ECPN ( sends out an email in August of each year to everyone who is interested in becoming actively involved, with instructions on how to join one of our committees