Guidelines for Posting and Subscription Instructions

A. Appropriate Topics

The following are examples of appropriate topics, but not an exhaustive list.

  • Employment opportunities
  • Conferences and training opportunities
  • Conference submissions and call for papers
  • Newly released publications on prevention (articles, books, special issues)
  • Potential collaborators
  • Research development and projects
  • General questions about prevention research
  • Interventions
  • Implementation and dissemination
  • Recommendations for references (e.g., textbooks, articles)

B. General Guidelines for Posting

  • Remember that this message is being sent to several hundred people. Make sure that the information or the question is appropriate for the entire membership.
  • If an exchange becomes more personal or specific then continue it using regular email.
  • Be mindful to whom your reply is going to as using the reply function will send your message to the entire listserv.

C. REVISED Instructions for Joining the ECPN Listserv

To subscribe to the list, please fill out this form You will be added to the listserv automatically.

D. REVISED Instructions for Unsubscribing to the ECPN Listserv

To unsubscribe, please go to Or, you may click on the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of the listserv message you have received.

E. REVISED Instructions How to Post a Message on the ECPN Listserv

  1. To post a message on the listserv, send an email to All listserv members will receive the message and will be able to reply and forward messages.
  2. Email attachments are allowed but must be kept small (under 2000 KB).