Call for Nominations for 2023 SPR FellowsDeadline: Friday, March 29, 2024

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What distinguishes SPR Fellows?

Fellowship is an honor that the Society for Prevention Research bestows upon a small and select group of members who have a particularly distinguished record of contributions in the field of prevention research.  A distinguished record is a substantial body of work that has had a broad and significant impact on prevention science.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Must be a current member of SPR in good standing, and this current membership must be of at least three consecutive years’ duration. (For example, an individual being considered for Fellow status in 2024 must have been an SPR member in 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024.)
  2. Must have been working in the field of prevention science for at least 10 years.
  3. Members of the SPR Board of Directors are not eligible to be nominated as Fellows during their term of office.

Number of Fellows in SPR

When a Fellow reaches the age of 75, the individual will be declared an Emeritus Fellow. Emeritus Fellows do not count toward the total number of SPR Fellows. In other words, every
time a Fellow is declared Emeritus, this opens up a Fellow slot. A Fellow does not need to be retired to be declared Emeritus.

To maintain Fellow status, annual SPR membership must be maintained.

Basis for selecting fellows

To be considered for selection as an SPR Fellow, an individual must have contributed to the advancement of the field of prevention science in a significant and highly influential manner; examples include, but are not limited to, the following ways:

  • Has presented 50-75 scientific papers at national or international professional conferences, at least five of which were presented at the SPR Annual Meeting.
  • Has authored 50 or more publications in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Has been Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator on externally funded research grants in the prevention area.
  • Has produced a body of methodological work that has helped change the way prevention science is conducted.
  • Has produced a body of scientific work that has clarified conceptual issues in prevention science in important ways.
  • Has conducted a program of research outside the U.S. that has not had the benefit of high levels of funding but has been influential in that country.
  • Has influenced the prevention field through consistent, vigorous, high-quality mentoring.
  • Has been influential in translating scientific findings into public policy or practice.
  • Has influenced prevention science in a major way via a role in a funding agency.

Submitting nominations for Fellowship status

To nominate someone to become a Fellow of SPR, send an email to Jennifer Lewis (jenniferlewis@preventionresearch.org). Put SPR Fellow Nomination in the subject line, and include the following materials:

  1. The candidate’s complete CV
  2. A 2-3 page nomination letter and two 2-3 page letters of support explaining how the individual has contributed to the advancement of the field of prevention science in a significant and highly influential manner. All letters must be from SPR members.


(a) Only SPR members may submit nominations for fellowship or provide letters of support.

(b) Each member may make at most one nomination per year and may provide at most three letters of support per year (or two for members who have also made a nomination).

(c) Self-nominations are not acceptable.

(d) Nominators should check with Jennifer Lewis to verify the eligibility of the nominee.


SPR Fellows (2013-2023)

2023 Class of Fellows

Richard Spoth, Ph.D., Elizabeth Stormshak, Ph.D.

2022 Class of Fellows

Kevin Haggerty, Ph.D., Leslie D. Leve, Ph.D.

2021 Class of Fellows

Bonnie Leadbeater, Ph.D.

2020 Class of Fellows

Daniel Shaw, Ph.D.

2019 Class of Fellows

Karen Linn Bierman, Ph.D.; Richard F. Catalano, Jr., Ph.D. (Emeritus); Margaret E. Ensminger, Ph.D. (deceased); Steven Y. Sussman, Ph.D.

2018 Class of Fellows

Anthony Biglan, Ph.D. (emeritus), Kenneth A. Dodge, Ph.D., Deborah Gorman-Smith, Ph.D., Mary Ann Pentz, Ph.D., Alexander Wagenaar, Ph.D.

2017 Class of Fellows
Diana Fishbein, Ph.D., John E. Lochman, Ph.D., and Sharlene Wolchik, Ph.D.

2016 Class of Fellows
Brian Flay, Ph.D. (deceased), Robert McMahon, Ph.D., and Steven Schinke, Ph.D. (deceased)

2015 Class of Fellows
Linda M. Collins, Ph.D., Thomas Dishion, Ph.D. (deceased), John Graham, Ph.D. (emeritus), and Mark Greenberg, Ph.D. (emeritus)

2014 Class of Fellows
C. Hendricks Brown, Ph.D., William B. Hansen, Ph.D., Elizabeth B. Robertson, Ph.D. (deceased), and Helene Raskin White, Ph.D., (emerita)

2013 Class of Fellows
Gilbert J. Botvin, Ph.D. (emeritus), Patricia Chamberlain, Ph.D., J. David Hawkins, Ph.D. (emeritus), Sheppard G. Kellam, M.D. (emeritus), David P. MacKinnon, Ph.D., David L. Olds, Ph.D., Irwin N. Sandler, Ph.D. (emeritus), Zili Sloboda, Sc.D.Patrick H., Tolan, Ph.D. (emeritas)