SPR Training Committee Syllabi Project

In Fall of 2019, the Society for Prevention Research Training Committee launched the SPR Syllabi Project. Our goal is to create a repository for prevention science course syllabi so that fellow educators can access these syllabi to create or enhance courses in prevention science. To date, we have focused on collecting syllabi for graduate or undergraduate courses that teach foundational prevention science concepts, prevention science methods, prevention theories, and/or empirical prevention science research.

You can access a summary of the courses and PDFs of the actual syllabi in this Google Drive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fcqHmEFyXiG5mNWjasN8WkcaTzgWx4oN?usp=sharing.

If you or someone you know are teaching a course in any of these areas and are willing to share your syllabi, please email them to Rashelle Musci at rmusci1@jhu.edu.