2004 ECPN Events

DATE: May 26, 2004, Hilton Quebec
TIME: 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
COST: $20, Registration Required. Limited to first 100 registrants

A Historical Perspective from Voices in the Field: The Science of Prevention

David L. Wyrick, Julia Jackson-Newsom, Steve Giles, and Breanne Hicks

A series of telephone interviews were completed with senior level prevention researchers in an effort to summarize the history of prevention science. Those interviewed were asked to share how they became involved in the field of prevention, their perspective on the key events in the history of prevention science and the Society for Prevention Research (SPR), and their suggestions for supporting and furthering the careers of early career preventionists. The senior scientists represent a diversity of backgrounds, including those employed in funding agencies, universities, and private research. The presentation will begin with a reflection on the early years of the field of prevention science. This summary will culminate into a recounting of the formation of the Society for Prevention Research and how the Early Career Preventionist Network (ECPN) came into fruition. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of the future directions for both the field of prevention and ECPN. Please take the opportunity to share in the wisdom of this esteemed group of prevention scientists.

DATE: May 26, 2004
TIME: 7:15 PM – 9:15 PM
One of the many exciting opportunities that the upcoming SPR meeting affords is the chance to meet the people whose research has been meaningful in the development of our own work in the prevention field. For the past three years, ECPN has organized a series of “Meet the Scientist” dinners in response to a suggestion by the board of SPR. ECPN will once again be organizing this event at the 2004 SPR conference in Quebec City. We recognize that it is not always easy for early career folks to network with senior scientists, and hope that this event provides a helpful mechanism for doing so. Click here for the application form.