.SPR Diversity Network Committee

The Diversity Network Committee (DNC) of the Society for Prevention Research was formed to: advocate, support, and promote diversity initiatives within SPR on behalf of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, and encourage the conduct of prevention research and the design of culturally-relevant interventions that address the various needs of racially and ethnically diverse populations.

With the initiation of the  Diversity Network Reception in 2006 by Felipe Gonzalez Castro, the seeds that became the DNC were formed. In 2009, the SPR Board of Directors recommended to the membership of the Society that the bylaws of the organization be revised to include the DNC as a standing committee. Since that point, the DNC has been a standing committee of SPR with the chair, who is elected by the membership, serving as an ex-officio member with all voting rights of the SPR Board of Directors.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to creating a space in prevention science for those from marginalized and underrepresented identities directly impacted by structural discrimination and systemic bias and the intersection of these identities to engage in research, networking and professional support that centers and values our experiences. Marginalized and underrepresented identities include those who may be minoritized or discriminated against due to their race, ethnicity, gender identities and expressions, sexual identities and orientations, and/or disability status.


  • Prioritize and advocate for recruiting and retaining a diverse prevention science workforce that is inclusive of all abilities, racial and ethnic identities, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions.
  • Provide a safe space for Black, Indigenous, People of Color and those from other underrepresented identities and at the intersection of these identities that is centered on these experiences.
  • Promote that the conduct of research with marginalized and underrepresented populations employ research practices and methodologies with an anti-oppressive lens that are culturally responsive, community-informed, and equity focused.
  • Increase the diversity of SPR membership and leadership by those who are underrepresented and also by career level, age, research foci, and job description.

Approved by SPR Board of Directors March 14, 2022

DNC Steering Committee

The DNC Steering Committee is comprised of volunteers who develop and oversee DNC programming and activities, as well as coordinate membership, training, and communications. Membership on the DNC Steering Committee is open to anyone interested in the DNC’s mission and willing to work on its initiatives. If you are interested in joining the DNC Steering Committee, e-mail us at dncinfo@preventionresearch.org.


The DNC sponsors activities during the Annual meeting, such as the Diversity Network Reception and, invited symposia. Beginning in 2021, the DNC has sponsored an online speaker series, Advances in Prevention Science, Diversity and Inclusion, with lectures for affinity months such as Black History and LGBTQIA+ PRIDE. The DNC also will sponsor other activities and events related to diversity issues of interest to DNC members and the larger SPR membership. A member of the DNC Steering Committee chairs the Minority Travel Awards Committee which reviews and selects awardees of the annual Minority Travel Awards. Please contact us at dncinfo@preventionresearch.org to share your ideas and suggestions for DNC sponsored programming at the SPR conference or throughout the year.

Download DNC Mission Statement (PDF)