Presentation Videos at SPR 2017

To watch the videos of the presidential address, plenary sessions, invited symposia, and TED-like Talks, click here.

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  • Welcome, SPR President (Rico Catalano, PhD on page 1)
  • Presidential Address I: Eliseo J. Perez-Stable, Dir., National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (Eliseo J. Perez-Stable on page 1)
  • Plenary Session I: Prevention Approaches for a Population-level Impact_ Making Communities Better, Safer and Healthier (Alana Vivolo; Stefanie DeLuca; Bob Doyle; Questions and Answer: Stefanie DeLuca and Bob Doyle on page 1)
  • Plenary Session III: Promoting Health Equity and Decreasing Disparities Through Public Systems of Care and Policy (Aleta Meyer on page 9) (Naomi Goldstein; Janie Houle; Nancy Whitesell; Q & A on page 9)
  • TED-like Talk: Gerald Patterson’s and Marion Forgatch’s Scientific and Social Justice Legacy in the Prevention Field (Tom Dishion; John Kjobli; Jose Ruben Parra-Cardona; Margaret Sigmarsdd; Abigail Gewirtz; Melanie M. Domenech Rodriguez on page 3) (Elizabeth Wieling; Tom Dishion on page 4)
  • TED-like Talk: The Promise of Implementing Family-Focused Prevention in Primary Care Settings (Christopher Mehus; J.D. Smith; Carol W. Metzler; John Kjobli on page 3) (Guillermo Prado; J. David Hawkins; Questions and Answers on page 4)
  • TED-like Talk: Linking Research and Practice for Positive Youth Development in Low and Middle Income Countries (Rico Catalano; Michael McCabe; Martie Skinner on page 4) (Laura Hinson; Chisina Kapungu; Jessee Cassandra; Q & A on page 5)
  • TED-like Talk: Actionable Logic Models to Guide Large-Scale Implementation and Evaluation Efforts (Allison Dymnicki on page 5) (Brian Bumbarger; Allison Dymnicki; Beverly Kingston; Sabrina Arrendondo Mattson; Q &A on page 6)
  • TED-like Talk: The Implications of Genetics for Prevention and Intervention Programming (Rashelle Musci on page 6) (H. Harrington Cleveland; Gabriel Schlomer; Brion Maher; Danielle Dick; Karl C Hill; Q & A on page 7)
  • TED-like Talk: Gender Equity How Effective Are Generic Preventive Evidence-Based Interventions for Girls (Karol Kumpfer on page 9) (Hanna E. Heikkila; Karol Kumpfer;  Traci M. Schwinn; Q & A on page 10)
  • Organized Paper Symposium: Evidence of Long-Term Prevention Impact in Three Landmark Studies (J. David Hawkins; Hawkins, Rick Hawkins presented by J. David Hawkins; Sabrina Oesterle; Karl C Hill; Rico Catalano; Q & A on page 8)