2023 Abstract Review Mentor-Student Mentee(s) Procedures and Guidelines

SPR 31st Annual Meeting Abstract Review

The Role of Prevention Science in Achieving Social Justice and Health Equity for All

 Procedures and Guidelines for Mentor/Student-Mentee Opportunity

  1. A Mentor must have a PhD or equivalent degree and be 5 years beyond his/her advanced degree.
  2. A Mentor may pair with one Graduate Student or a group of Graduate Students. SPR does not make mentor/mentee matches.
  3. The Mentor may be a solo reviewer in addition to mentoring. (If you wish to sign up as a solo reviewer and as Mentor reviewer, please check both options on the abstract reviewer questionnaire.)
  4. Only Mentors will sign up to review. During the sign-up process, mentors will be asked for their Mentee(s) information.
  5. The Mentor is responsible for sharing the abstracts and scoring criteria with their Mentee(s). The Mentor should establish how the abstract review and scoring will be approached either with a Mentee or a group of Mentees.
  6. The Mentor is responsible for entering the scores into the online abstract review system. The Mentor’s scores will be considered the official ratings for the Mentee/Student-Mentee group.
  7. Upon completion of the abstract review process the SPR administrative office will confirm with the Mentor the name of the Student-Mentee(s) who participated.
  8. The Mentor/Student-Mentee(s) will be assigned the same number of submissions to review as are assigned to other abstract reviewers.
  9. Mentors and Student-Mentees will be acknowledged as members of the Abstract Review committee in the conference mobile app.



Questions?  Contact: Jennifer Lewis at jenniferlewis@preventionresearch.org